2020 International Book Awards

Award-Winning Finalist in the True Crime: Non-Fiction category of the 2020 International Book Awards

Amazon Best Seller #1

US Amazon Best Seller #1 on 30-Jan-2020 (Category = Forensic Psychology).

UK Amazon Best Seller #1 on 20-Feb-2020 (Categories = Internet, Online services, Computer Security, True Account Organized Crime).


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective presents a cybercrime true detective story spanning some seven countries. It comes from a computer engineer who reveals techniques of how to trace criminal activity via the internet and how to identify and track scammers (who do have limitations despite their hacking and scamming prowess), including insights from lawyers, hackers, police, and victims, who discuss typical scams and how they work.

The book opens with an intriguing section on how photo 'evidence' can lie, even including passport images. Each photo receives analysis and pointers to clues that indicate how the image does not support the scammer's contentions, and each imparts a lesson to readers unused to closely examining the types of 'evidence' typical of online encounters.

From how author Selina fell under a spell and became involved in a scam that cost her plenty to how scammer Frederick, in turn, falls for a scam that she perpetuates, back-and-forth encounters been scammer and victim illustrate techniques of those who use information and technology to bring about and build fantasies. When Selina scammed the criminal in "Chapter 9 How to Scam a Scammer," it proved equally easy for her to scam and to be scammed.

Selina did suspect scammer Frederick's photos might not fully match how his story; however, the problems were not obvious enough. Eventually, Selina still became a victim. This shows how confusing 'evidence' on the Internet can be.

Dialogues between the two make this story read like fiction, but it comes steeped in real-world experience and examples, creating a powerful read especially recommended for those who would better understand the exact processes and impacts of cybercrimes.

The lively format, clear photo examples and dialogues, and step-by-step investigations into what constitutes a scam and how it is fostered by methods that appear real and genuine are especially important keys to understanding the psychology, advanced techniques, and the identification and analysis of cyberfraud.

Cybercrime investigation processes often hamstring the investigator. Even Selina (a hacker) has the ability to capture criminal's information, but unlike the criminal, she is confined by laws. These laws do not allow her to hack further into the criminal's machine - not far enough to capture his detailed identity. Sadly, even if she did obtain criminal's detailed identity, the police were not likely to catch the criminal unless she could escalate the case to Interpol. And Interpol does not normally look into Internet scams due to huge amount of effort and international cooperation required (even if Interpol could catch the criminal, the actual monetary recovery is almost always zero).

I'm a Romance Scam IT Detective should be required reading for any who use the internet. The primary audience for this read will be adults, professionals, and government organizations; but computer-savvy mature new adults should be also given this book. All computer users are vulnerable - even those who deem themselves relatively computer-savvy - and this audience may be surprised to learn about the situations and scamming approaches which are described in depth in this book.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The current legal loopholes in international laws on cybercrime make victims suffer. No modern computer user should be without this blend of IT insight, legal examination, and real-world facts about cyberscams and how they operate.

Literary Titan

I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective aims to explain psychology of the crime, technical aspects of cybercrime and legal matters.
This book is about Selina’s attempt to hack criminal’s machine, legal limitation she faced, misconduct of banks, and money recovery analysis.
Jason remains Selina’s love of the life. Selina never actually loved Frederick but still fall victim into the scam due to fake passports and fake banking documents.

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