10 reasons why you must read “I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective”

This book lists advanced criminal tricks, fake documents executed by criminals, as well as criminals’ weaknesses. This true cybercrime was recorded by computer engineer, Selina Co, who explains IT aspects of the crime, what is feasible on the Internet and possible legal limitations. This book involves a lot of professionals, including hackers, banking consultants, lawyers, […]

I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective

This victim story & cybercrime detective true story involves 7 countries (Australia, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, China, New Zealand) in 4 continents. Unpredictable, artistic but very reasonable behaviours of Selina and her interaction with police, scammers, hackers, banks, lawyers and organizations make this biography emotional, fun but seriously informative. Selina will show you […]