Lies by Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy’ activists

Today, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong told Australian press that he fears to be jailed for the new security law every day. If so, why does he requested the Australian government to do something against China? Isn’t it an obvious violation of the new national security law for him to ask foreign governments to fight against his own country?


Hong Kong protest leaders have been using a ‘fight for democracy’ as the excuse for riots and violence. In Hong Kong local community, it is publicly known to Hong Kong locals that some damages to enterprises and public transports and violence towards police and anti-protest civilians had been committed by protesters. He and his supporters have been telling Hong Kong community ‘righteous’ and a ‘fight for democracy’ are the justification for violence and riots. How long would Joshua Wong and other Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy’ activists plan to hide these facts from foreign governments and foreign press that he has been pro-actively contacting?


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