Lies by Hong Kong ‘pro-democracy’ activists

Today, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong told Australian press that he fears to be jailed for the new security law every day. If so, why does he requested the Australian government to do something against China? Isn’t it an obvious violation of the new national security law for him to ask foreign governments to […]

Book award finalist: a sophisticated Romance Scam story, multiple clever professionals victimized

I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective by Selina Co has been honoured as an Award-Winning Finalist in the True Crime: Non-Fiction category of the 2020 International Book Awards.   This advanced romance scam story illustrates fake websites, fake email addresses, fake banking documents, fake passports and fake videos. In the latter half of the story, […]

When a democratic movement is only an excuse for rioters and dictators …

Explosive news! Do you know: Hong Kong protest leaders had publicly requested protesters to paralyse banks, enterprises, public transports and the airport? Joshua Wong was confirmed to have taken syrup in his ‘hunger strike’? Hong Kong protest leaders use different English slogans from traditional Chinese slogans (Hong Kong language) to mislead the foreign press and foreign governments? and […]

New Ebook release discount: Hong Kong Protest Leaders – Sick Facts that Western countries do not know: when a democratic movement itself is not democratic …

Protester pro-actively reached out to foreign governments and foreign press on how righteous they are and why they are justified. But have materials against protest leaders ever been presented to foreign governments or foreign press? Selina would like to present you with facts, evidence and sources, with no interference by China nor by protesters. Book […]

Hong Kong, where COVID-19 does not thrive

After the lessons of SARS, COVID-19 has not turned Hong Kong into an epicentre, despite the facts that it has a super high population destination making social distance not quite possible and it is right next to China and was hit by the virus since Jan-20. In the time of SARS and COVID-19, Hong Kong […]

Amazon Best Seller #1 (US & UK)

I am glad to announce that my book, I’m a Romance Scam IT Detective, has become Amazon Best Seller #1 in UK today (Genre = True Account Organised Crime, Internet, Online serivces, Online safety and piracy) My book was also Amazon Best Seller #1 in US on 30-Jan-2020 (Genre = Forensic Psychology).   Thanks all […]

Discounted version in ANZ region

There are about 40 books with a slightly funny colour when we first print the books.  If you are in Australia or New Zealand, you can get a copy with a discount price of AUD 22.9 + postage = AUD 29.9. These books are actually okay, but 13 colour pages look slightly funny.  Please email […]