Hong Kong, where COVID-19 does not thrive

After the lessons of SARS, COVID-19 has not turned Hong Kong into an epicentre, despite the facts that it has a super high population destination making social distance not quite possible and it is right next to China and was hit by the virus since Jan-20.

In the time of SARS and COVID-19, Hong Kong people stay fit and healthy by going to the countryside for outdoor activities. Also, they always wear a mask in the busy transports or on the street. Medical masks are the best, but cloth masks are minimal.
When COVID-19 first hit Hong Kong, many civilians try to buy masks from all around the world. Some civilians even buy equipment and materials for manufacturing masks in the panic situation. Now, Hong Kong has more masks than they need and even have the capacity to send to other countries. It is testified that masks are more important than social distance, indeed.

Perhaps these are what we should learn: 1) Stay fit and healthy so that your body is strong enough to combat the virus. 2) Wear a cloth or medical mask whenever you are not at home. 3) Try to manufacture medical masks.